Litter by Big City Borders Shoot (NHSB 3023070) [Ned]
out of Shepherds Wish Kyna (LOSH 1099491) [Bel]

Three Generation Pedigree

Sam (ISDS 300742) [Ned]
Medium Black Tricolour, born 27 Dec 2008, hips HD-A, CEA normal, CL normal, TNS normal
Big City Borders Fizz (NHSB G-2-2822131) [Ned]
Rough Black Tricolour, born 26 Dec 2010
Jinta (NHSB G-2-2636145) [Ned]
Medium Black Tricolour, born 9 Dec 2006, CEA normal
Big City Borders Shoot (NHSB 3023070) [Ned]
Black Tricolour, born 29 Oct 2015
I' Bill Vom Daenischen Wohld [Deu]
Rough Black Tricolour, born 16 Dec 2002, hips HD-A, CEA normal, TNS normal
At Your Service Tune (NHSB 2890361) [Ned]
Rough Black Tricolour, born 10 Jul 2012, hips HD-A
At Your Service Of Shamrock Field (NHSB 2794728) [Ned]
Medium Black & White, born 11 May 2010, hips HD-A, elbows 0/0, TNS normal
Puppy from this litter
Crezip Of The Breedingbrain [Bel]
Rough Black Tricolour, born 9 Jul 2003, hips HD-B, CEA normal, TNS normal
I Made It Uit Huize Ter Beuken (LOSH 1052826) [Bel]
Rough Chocolate Tricolour, born 2 Jan 2009, hips FCI-B1, elbows 0/0, CEA normal, TNS normal
Perfect Jess (ISDS 268372)
Black Tricolour, born 4 Sep 2003, hips HD-B
Shepherds Wish Kyna (LOSH 1099491) [Bel]
Rough Blue Merle, born 6 Jun 2011, hips FCI-B/2, CL normal
Hun Ch Borderfame Mystic Liason [Aus]
Rough Black & White, born 30 Jul 2003, elbows 0/0
Labello At Real Pearl [Hun]
Rough Blue Merle, born 16 Dec 2004, hips FCI-B2
Produced by:
Brains 'n Beauty Future Glory In Blue [Deu]
Rough Blue Merle, born 8 Sep 2001, CEA normal, TNS normal